Budget-Friendly Home Projects That Pack a Punch, Help Your Home Sell

Budget-Friendly Home Projects
That Pack a Punch, Help Your Home Sell


We’ve all seen those homes that seem to sit on the market for months and months. Now that your home is on the market, you want a buyer sooner rather than later. While you can’t control how hot or cold the market is, there are a few inexpensive home projects you can take on to help your home sell more quickly.


Get Things in Order


Decluttering and cleaning your home might not sound like a home project, but once you get started, you’ll quickly realize it’s a fairly large undertaking. What’s more, neglecting to do so could be costly. According to SF Gate, “The large fireplace, the walk-in closets, and the granite countertops all can be overlooked if a home isn’t presented in the best light.” Clear away any items from countertops, including personal items such as photos, awards, artwork, etc. Remove excess furniture to create more space, and make sure the home is clean before allowing a buyer inside for a walk-through.

Add Small Touches


Hiring a professional home stager isn’t always necessary. There are small accents you can add yourself to bring everything together. Create the illusion of height with plain, white sheers that just barely brush the floor or add a pop of color with throw pillows and wall art, or a vase of flowers on the dining room table. If you’ve ever shopped for home décor, you know it can be a little pricey, but the changes listed above can cost under $50 if you shop at big retailers like Kohl’s. And you can put on your savvy shopper hat and hunt for more discounts with Kohl’s saving tips like buying during the Gold Star Clearance Event, opening a Kohl’s credit card, and finding cash back offers online from companies like Rakuten.


Make Small Repairs


A leaky roof, major tile renovation or a cracked driveway need the work of a professional, but you’ll be surprised how many DIY home repairs you can make. Family Handyman has a list of 100 repairs you can make yourself without spending a lot of money, including caulking or re-grouting your shower, fixing a squeaky floorboard, hard water buildup removal, unsticking drawers, and repairing cabinet scratches. These might all seem minor, but buyers will be scrutinizing every inch of your home, so every little fix helps.


Have your agent walk through your home with you to point out any issues you might have overlooked, as well as anything that isn’t necessarily a priority. If you find that a priority project looks like it may be too much for you to DIY, don’t write off hiring out help due to projected expenses until you’ve done your homework: look for ways to save money with Groupon deals or by going with local contractors running specials.


Tone Down the Interior Paint


While you might enjoy the burgundy red dining room, buyers might be intimidated by such a bold color. Once you’ve decided to sell, it’s time to incorporate a neutral color palette so that buyers see the potential of your home rather than the work they’d have to put in. Shades of white, gray, gray-blue, and tan are go-to colors, but just make sure your décor matches as well.


Painting sounds easy enough, but if you’ve never painted an entire room before, it’s worth reading and/or watching a tutorial or two before you get in over your head. A new paint color helps, but a sloppy paint job doesn’t. If you’re tackling an entire room (or multiple rooms), you may be surprised at how much paint you need and how much it could set you back…if you’re not careful, that is. Before you purchase anything, figure out where you can double your savings. For example, you can double stack your savings with a Lowes coupon if you shop their paint sales.


Paint the Front Door


The front door is the entryway to your home, and a fresh coat of paint gives it a clean, polished, new look. It’s an inexpensive home project that will not only help your home sell quickly but potentially get a higher price as well. Before you grab a bright color, consider that homes with doors painted black or charcoal gray sold for as much as $6,000 more than expected. This is not to say that colors like light blue, teal, or dark green aren’t viable options, but you should definitely ask your agent before you start rolling. Do your wallet a favor and look for deals on paint and supplies at nearby paint stores like Sherwin Williams or major retailers like Home Depot.


Getting your home ready to sell doesn’t have to break the bank. If you’re looking to make the most of your home’s time on the market, these home projects will help. With a little bit of organization, paint, repairs, and finishing touches, your home will sell in a jiffy.


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