How To Make Your Home Healthier Inside And Out

How To Make Your Home Healthier Inside And Out


Spring is near, and you can do more than cleaning to improve the state of your home and health. A few simple modifications and additions can make your house a personal retreat while eliminating issues that can make you feel less than well. Keep reading for a few quick tips.


Improve air quality.


The inside of your house is probably worse for your lungs than the outside. Things like animal dander, bacteria, and dust mites can hide in plain sight. These unwelcome houseguests can leave you coughing, wheezing, and having trouble breathing day and night. One solution is to install an air purification system. Advance Heating And Cooling can help you choose the appliance that’s right for you, which can reduce humidity, one element that perpetuates mold and bacteria growth.


Another quick fix is to get rid of carpet. Carpet can hold onto all of the tiny invaders mentioned above, and can also lead to mold growth if it’s allowed to stay continually damp in a humid environment. To remove old carpet, the Home Depot suggests using a sharp utility knife and wearing a mask to reduce the amount of dust particles you breathe in. Wood, laminate, and tile are all great replacement options that can help you cut down on allergens in your home.


Give yourself space.


Everybody needs a place to relax and retreat. And there is no better place to start than in your backyard. If you don’t already, you should know that spending time outdoors not only opens up recreational opportunities, but also increases your exposure to vitamin D. Being outside can also reduce systemic inflammation and may even lower your blood pressure. If that’s not enough, Stanford Medicine further reports that time spent in nature is particularly beneficial if you have trouble sleeping.


Create a backyard oasis by first sectioning off your private retreat. A wooden fence costs $2,752 on average ($7 to $15 per foot for lumber and another $10 to $30 per foot for labor). Once you know where you want your respite, look into easy-to-care-for and environmentally-friendly landscape ideas, which might include adding artificial or low-water grass, mulching areas you don’t want to maintain, and adding exterior lighting.


Elevate your indoors.


Space outside is great for your mental and physical health, but you also have to have a place to unwind in on the days when it’s too cold, too hot, or too wet to visit with Mother Nature. A reading room is the perfect solution, and a great way to utilize an old bedroom, unused office, or basement. A bookshelf (Wayfair has one on sale for $40.90), cozy chair, and a little privacy can go a long way toward establishing your own personal library.


Your home should be where you feel the most comfortable. If it’s hurting your health, it’s time to make changes so that your most valuable investment meets your needs. From eliminating allergens to enjoying the outdoors, the above tips can help you get started.



Photo by Mark McCammon from Pexels

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