Kelly Owens
Kelly Owens
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  • Venice Beach Venice North Port Port Charolette
  • 2019
  • 2019
  • Hello, my Name is Kelly Owens. I am a Realtor® with Global Luxury Realty, and I have a unique approach to business. Some companies focus on the transaction or making the sale. I, on the other hand, focus on people and relationships. It’s a fact of life that “Things” come and go, while our relationships stand the test of time.”

    When someone decides to buy or sell a property, it is because of something much larger going on in their life. I must find out WHY my clients are buying or selling. Did they get a new job? Are they retiring and moving to our area? Was someone born? Are they upgrading or downgrading? Whatever it is, there is a reason bigger than the transaction that is driving them to make their decision. Only when I know their bigger reason can I truly help them. 

    When selling real estate, each property has its unique character, personality, and vibe. I need to take the time to connect with that property to ensure I find the right buyer for my client.

    While helping clients find a new property, I have to get to know them. Their wants, needs, and desires to ensure I find the right home for them. 

    When you need help buying or selling property, I can help with that.

    Should you have questions regarding your home or the real estate market, I can help with that as well.  

    I look forward to helping you with whatever in the world I can and hope you find my way of conducting business the better way.

    Thank you for your time and I look forward to speaking with you.

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